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  • Animation framework

    Animation framework

    Theme has 3 possible levels of animation: inner FRAnimation framework, AOS framework in bundled Greenshift plugin and GSAP animation framework of Greenshift plugin. You can use them to build any kind of animation: transform, on scroll, parallax, 3d animations, hover, click animations, reveals, mouse interactions, SVG drawing and SVG path, text animations. FRAnimation But let’s…


  • How to make mega menu

    How to make mega menu

    Theme has additional styles for regular navigation block, but also it has possibility to make mega menu in several columns. For this, enable option “Mega columned menu” in your top level item. Once you do this, all second-level items will work as subheadings of columns on frontend If you use Greenshift plugin, you can build…


  • How to make sticky and transparent header

    How to make sticky and transparent header

    It’s simple, when you edit your header in Site editor, you can click on header and choose to replace header. Then, select transparent header. You can select sticky option on header group and add position absolute class. Make sure that you have some padding in block below header. It’s not required to use transparent header…


  • Responsive options

    Responsive options

    All container blocks (Group, columns, cover block, row, etc) have some additional options in blocks. You can find them in Advanced tab.


  • How to enable preloader, TOC, progress bar

    How to enable preloader, TOC, progress bar

    It’s quite easy. Just Click on button in top right corner when you edit your posts and find Dynamic options


  • Simple list for widget



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